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I just started using TikZ an it's amazing. But I can't find out how to change the position of the label inside a node. At the moment I've:

\node (DataAccess) at (0,2) [draw,thick,minimum width=8cm,minimum height=2cm,
      align=center, rounded corners] {Datenzugriff};

But I'd like to have the text in the upper center (but inside) of the rectangle. Any idea?

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You can use text depth:



\node (DataAccess) at (0,2) [draw,thick,minimum width=8cm,minimum height=2cm, align=center, text depth=2cm, rounded corners, label=below:User space] {Datenzugriff};\end{tikzpicture}


enter image description here

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excellent, thank you a lot. – john84 Aug 9 '12 at 17:28

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