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How to install tikz-cd, I am using texshop. I need the following

  commutative diagrams/.cd,
  arrow style=tikz,
               & A \arrow{d}            &              \\
               & B \arrow{dl}\arrow{dr} &              \\
  C \arrow{dr} &                        & D \arrow{dl} \\
               & F                      &              \\

Or alternatively, could we write in a different way?

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If you are using TeXshop, then you most probably are working with the MacTeX distribution.

First make sure that you have the current version (2012). If not, download the installer from the MacTeX homepage.

Then run the TeX Live Utility (via Applications -> TeX -> TeX Live Utility) to make sure that all packages are up to date, including tikz-cd.

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Thank you, it works finally :) – Sara Aug 11 '12 at 21:16

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