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I'm trying to get the following example working:


\subsection*{\textbackslash calligra}
\input catalogue
\input fonttable


This can be found under Calligra - Text example.

Now I have a problem with the \input fonttable line. Where can I download this file or how can I get this working?


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if there's a situation where all you want is the font table, it can be obtained with tex testfont (that's plain tex, not latex). it will ask for the name of the font to test; enter that, followed by "enter". then \table\bye' for one font, or \table\vfil\eject\init` to enable another round. you have to use the name of the font as it appears in the name of the .tfm file, or plain tex won't recognize it. – barbara beeton Aug 13 '12 at 13:39
The fonttable package is able to make font tables. – egreg Sep 11 '12 at 22:07

This appears to be a file from the hebtex package. I had to delete the last character from the file, since it has a DOS end-of-file marker in it.


Just to warn you, the file is not: http://mirrors.ctan.org/fonts/nkarta/fonttable.tex

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