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I'd like to use LaTeX to write a novel. Could you recommend me any template?

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I'm not sure there is a lot to say here. A novel is not something that will need a lot of specialist structure, but will need some layout adjustments compared to the LaTeX defaults. However, I'd imagine you'd want to have the ability to alter those anyway, template or no template. – Joseph Wright Aug 13 '12 at 7:50
What I mean with a template is some .tex file where I can include my chapterN.tex files (mainly plain text) and get a preatty good desing with zero work :) – Juanjo Conti Aug 14 '12 at 2:16
Yes, it would be a very simple template indeed. Does such a simple template for novels exist in LaTeX? – user12711 Feb 9 '15 at 4:05
You may get ideas from pmonta.com/etext – Thérèse Feb 19 at 19:05

Try the memoir class. Give the comprehensive manual a close review.

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And also take a look at (PDFs) A Few Notes on Book Design and Some Examples of Title Pages, from the same author. I think you'll find memoir a fantastic tool, well worth your investment in learning. – Brent.Longborough Aug 13 '12 at 7:53
What I mean with a template is some .tex file where I can include my chapterN.tex files (mainly plain text) and get a preatty good desing with zero work :) – Juanjo Conti Aug 14 '12 at 2:17

There aren't any popular templates circulating around for writing a novel in LaTeX. I wish there was one for say CreateSpace submittal 8" x 5" and 9" x 6" formats. And similar ones for Lulu, for self-publishers.

But, I'm still using LaTeX (LyX) for composing my first novel, because I agree with your points.

Basicly, to adjust your default settings in LyX so that it's tuned for a Novel output. Do the following...

1> Before anything else, go to the main menu DOCUMENT> SETTINGS> [Document Class] and apply one of three Book Classes, either BOOK, BOOK KOMA-SCRIPT or BOOK MEMOIR

2> DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[page layout] and select CUSTOM, then 8 x 5 (or whatever your page dimension is) Also, adjust the Heading Style to FANCY from the dropdown. This provides page numbering at the bottom and Chapter headers at the top of every page.

3> DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[page margins] these settings looks great: TOP[0.75] / BOTTOM[0.6] / INNER[0.75] / OUTER[0.3] / HEAD SEP[0.25] / HEAD HEIGHT[0.25] / FOOT SKIP[0.4] you should know that INNER is the margin of the page where the book is bound to the book binding, and OUTER is the margin on the outside of a books page, where you pick the page to turn it.

4> DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[Numbering and TOC] Make adjustments to the numbering of Parts, Chapters and Sections, or lack of them, in the Table of Contents (LaTeX does not have "Scenes or Clips that novel writers may be use to)

5> DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[PDF Properties] [x]Use Hyperref Support (check this box so that your LaTeX generated TOC has hyperlinks to the chapters, if you choose to have a TOC. [ This is useful to export you novel into HTML format for quick and painless ebook (ePub) conversion, which can be submitted for Amazon Kindle submittals, for instance. ] ALSO, though they disappear in print, you aren't going to want the default red boxes around your hyperlinked Table of contents in your eBook, so remove those and add a nice blue text hyperlinks as follows: DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[PDF Properties] go to the [Hyperlinks] tab and check these boxes: [x]No Frames around Links / [x]Color Links / Then finally under "Additional Options" type in this command "linkcolor=blue" (the default will come out as Red Text unless you change it here)

6> DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[LaTeX Preamble] and add the following LaTeX code.

\pdfminorversion=4  %This adjusts pdfTeX output to pdf v1.4, for CreateSpace
\usepackage{microtype} %This vastly improves right justification
\usepackage{garamondx} %Garamond has become a novel writing font standard

Note, you will have to google and download the GetNoneFreeFonts linux command program to download and install the Garamond font. Otherwise, adjust your font to one you like, other than Computer Modern, under DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[fonts] Make sure you don't leave it at [default] font, because that's usually Computer Modern. Also, you should know that if you want to use a Garamond font, that LaTeX Preamble command to load Garamondx will override your font selection under the other settings.

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Many users here are unfamiliar with LyX. It might be better to post all of these settings in LaTeX code, i.e. it is easier to understand:\usepackage{hyperref} than 'DOCUMENT> SETTINGS>[PDF Properties] [x]Use Hyperref Support' – onewhaleid Feb 10 '15 at 3:30
I agree, but I don't have a LaTeX Template to offer, instead, if someone were to tackle a novel, I believe LyX would be the LaTeX interface of choice. Using LyX they'd manually select certain options under the Documents\Settings menu, but for unavailable options they'd add LaTeX code directly in the Documents\Settings\Preemble menu. Anyone that wants to tackle LyX should have a basic understanding of LaTeX code. The just need to understand the format, and that it uses Packages of additional TeX software to get the whole job done. thankfully with LyX you don't have remember the command names – user12711 Feb 10 '15 at 22:32
Shouldn't you \usepackage{garamondx} before \usepackage{microtype} ? Because that way when microtype is loaded it knowns about what fonts look like? I know for my current project in Lualatex, with times it has to be in the order: \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{times} \usepackage{microtype} or lines will over protrude – Oxinabox Mar 2 at 4:16

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