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Doing my first more complicated paper using LaTeX, I wonder if there are any possibilities to specially mark sections or parts requiring rework.

It would be nice if those sections appeared in a special highlight in the output and could be connected to a short comment.

For example, being able to write something like the following would be great:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, \rework[spellcheck]{consetetur sadipscing} elitr.

Are there any predefined tags for doing so?
Or should I simply use highlighting like shown in How to highlight important parts (with a gray background) ?

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Have a look on the package todonotes on CTAN. You can mark with \todo[author]{remark}. It gives you the remark as margin and you can print a list of todos.

An advantage is that you can switch off all your todo notes with the package class option disable.

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Thanks - even more than I was looking for. See tex.stackexchange.com/q/5180/17533 on problems with todos appearing on the wrong side. – Matthias Aug 13 '12 at 15:11

This may not be a direct answer to your question but you might want to consider to use Org-mode for drafting rather than using LaTeX directly. You can then use Org-mode's features for tracking TODO items and export your document to LaTeX when you are done.

In Org-mode you can mark a headline as either of the following (predefined) statuses (with C-c C-t or S-right/S-left:

  • (unmarked)
  • TODO
  • DONE

You can then get a list of every TODO item in a document. You can also set priorities and deadlines for headlines.

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