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I've checked the post here, where the package empheq is used for embedding equations into coloured boxes.

With that idea, I wrote in my file the following:

% in the preambule

% in the body
  ...equation here...

It works nicely. However, I'd like to create a new environment for such a box... I tried something like,


but this doesn't work.


  • Can someone help me to define this environment?
  • Is it possible to define an environment which the colour is an argument? So I can use different colours.

Thank you all.

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Please always make full documents when asking questions, it makes things a lot easier.

It seems that like a lot of environments that grab the environment body you need to use this form when wrapping in environment definitions (AMS display environments have the same feature):

enter image description here






% in the body
  ...equation here...

  ...equation here...

  ...equation here...

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Thank you for the quick response. Next time I'll follow your advise about the whole document. Cheers. – Dox Aug 16 '12 at 13:42

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