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I am trying to compile this not-too-complicated figure, but pdflatex and latex both seem to be taking forever. They have never completed successfully even after multiple attempts and waiting for upto 5 mins.

Anyone else getting this bug? Or is there something wrong with the document?

    ={rectangle, draw=blue, thick, fill=blue!20,
      text width=5em,align=center, rounded corners,
      minimum height=3em},
    ={draw, shorten >=2pt},
    \matrix [column sep=5mm,row sep=7mm]
      % row 1
      \node [text width=4.5em,align=center,font=\large] {Geography\\Dimension}; & &
      \node [text width=4.5em,align=center,font=\large] {Time\\Dimension};\\
      % row 2
      \node [block] (country) {Country}; & &
      \node [block] (year) {Year}; \\
      % row 3
      \node [block] (state) {State}; & &
      \node [block] (month) {Month}; \\
      % row 4
      \node [block] (city) {City}; & &
      \node [block] (day) {Day};\\
    \begin{scope}[every path/.style=line]
      -- (state);
      -- (city);
      -- (month);
      -- (day);
  \caption{Dimension-levels example}


The last few lines of the terminal output:

/libraries/tikzlibrarytopaths.code.tex))) (./test2.aux)
ABD: EveryShipout initializing macros
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You forgot to append a ] to your argument to the tikzpicture environment.

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Damn! My bad. However, latex's behaviour is not nice too! – donatello Dec 8 '10 at 17:46
Agreed, although it's understandable: it keeps on searching for the end of your "command". Note that the same thing will occur if you forget an ending ";" when declaring a node. – Anthony Labarre Dec 8 '10 at 20:59

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