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I try to use \makebox around the word, however, all text in the same line, why? Here is my code, would someone help me?

$(t_{SS}{+}t_{MS}{\leq}t_{BS}){\land}(t_{BS}{\leq}t_{FS}){\land}(t_{SS}{+}t_{MS}{+}t_{FS}{+} t_{BS}{\leq}3)$\    }
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For more on boxes (and (La)TeX's interpretation of them), I recommend that you read Section 6.6 of l2short. You can get it online at texdoc.net/pkg/lshort or you'll probably have a copy on your computer. – Loop Space Aug 17 '12 at 11:29
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normal boxes cannot have a linebreak, use


$(t_{SS}{+}t_{MS}{\leq}t_{BS}){\land}(t_{BS}{\leq}t_{FS}){\land}(t_{SS}{+}t_{MS}{+}t_{FS}{+} t_{BS}{\leq}3)$\\

or \fbox{\parbox{10cm}{...}}

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