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Trying to reference the label of figures that are side-by-side.


Referencing figures by their label works, except when the figure is in a mini-page. That's when the word "Figure" does not appear in the output:

enter image description here

Preamble Source

The preamble is at: http://pastebin.com/Uq1sGrSd

LyX Source

The code LyX generates is:

\subfloat[\label{fig:Design-Flower-Title-Page}Title Page]{\includegraphics[width=8.89cm,height=6.281cm]{captures/template-flower-title-01}

\subfloat[\label{fig:Design-Flower-Design-Page}Design Page]{\includegraphics[width=8.89cm,height=6.281cm]{captures/template-flower-title-02}


\caption{Title and Detail Pages}



Line up captions on side by side figures


What needs to change in the preamble so that the "Figure" label appears when referencing side-by-side graphics?

Thank you!

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You did not tell us which referencing command and which subfigure package you use (there's no such package in your preamble).

I guess you use subfig (because of \subfloat) and \autoref. This would explain the behavior and can be fixed by


Btw. hyperref is the first package in your preamble, it should be the last one (besides some exceptions).

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Are you on Knuth's speed dial? Thank you, once again. – Dave Jarvis Dec 9 '10 at 3:36

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