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When I have many glossary words that describe the same, how do I neatly put these into the glossary? Ideally, something like:

\newglossaryentry{digest, hash, hash code} {
name=digest, description={The output of a hash function).}


   digest, hash or hash code The output of a hash function.

is what I'm looking for, and I can't seem to find this anywhere.

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I'd define one entry (say, digest) in the usual way and then use \gls{digest} in the description field of the alternative entries. See section 8 of the glossaries manual for details.



\newglossaryentry{digest}{name={digest (\textmd{also} hash, hash code)},%
    text=digest,description={The output of a hash function}}

    {name=hash,description={\emph{See} \gls{digest}}}

\newglossaryentry{hash code}
    {name={hash code},description={\emph{See} \gls{digest}}}


\null\vfill% just for the example

Some text about \gls{digest}.

Some text about \gls{hash}.

Some text about \gls{hash code}.



enter image description here

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That's clever! Brilliant, thanks. – Henning Klevjer Aug 20 '12 at 12:29

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