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I am using fancyref and babel together in a LaTeX document and redefine the label for the equation references by \renewcommand{\frefeqname}{Eq.}, so that they look something like "Eq. (3.4)". However, when I have a foreign language section somewhere like \begin{otherlanguage}{german} ... \end{otherlanguage} then \frefeqname is reset to its default value for English, namely equation. Of course, I can redefine \frefeqname afterwards again, but is quite ugly and I would prefer a clean solution to this problem.

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The babel package uses \caption<language> to change the caption texts. This macro is called in \selectlanguage or environment otherlanguage. Therefore the redefinitions should be placed in these language macros. It can be done by babel's \addto:


Or the interface of package fancyref can be used, it provides \fancyrefaddcaptions for this purpose, see the documentation of fancyref.



  \fref{eq:einstein} and \fref{eq:velocity}.
    E=mc^2 \label{eq:einstein}
  \fref{eq:einstein} und \fref{eq:velocity}.
    v=\frac st \label{eq:velocity}
  \fref{eq:einstein} and \fref{eq:velocity}.

Language dependent <code>\frefeqname</code>

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