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Are there any packages for typesetting interviews in LaTeX?

Of course, I could manually format all the text but I am sure that there are typographical rules for interview sections that I would probably miss.

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If you need to write down the interview, which has been recorded, you can save much time and effort by using a dictation system, the basic version often is good enough. You listen to your recording and repeat the words into the microphone. – Keks Dose Aug 21 '12 at 14:28

I not sure if you are searching for a package like dramatist or dialogue. Please look at http://texcatalogue.ctan.org/bytopic.html#literature

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the url became invalid at some time. Has the reference project/page moved or did it cease to exist? – kmindi Feb 19 at 13:12
@kmindi Updated – Fran Feb 19 at 15:59

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