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I'm writing my thesis slides in beamer. I need to align vertically at center the slide's contents when I use the [allowframebreaks] option in the frame environment and the \newpage to start a new slide.

As the next example:

                    Some text....

                    Some text....

                    Some text....

Here both figures are always in the top of it's slide, but not in the vertical center. I need to center the content after breaking to a new slide with \newpage.

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate your help.

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Remember that there is technically no need to use a floating environment in a presentation. So you don't need to wrap things inside a figure environment. – Werner Aug 22 '12 at 6:06
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From beamer manual:

By default, all material for a slide is vertically centered. You can change this using the following class options:


Place text of slides at the (vertical) top of the slides. This corresponds to a vertical “flush.” You can override this for individual frames using the c or b option.


Place text of slides at the (vertical) center of the slides. This is the default. You can override this for individual frames using the t or b option.

So you can use something like next code to vertically center your "broken" frames:

\documentclass[t]{beamer} %<- 'c' is default option, 't' forces top aligned
\begin{frame}[c,allowframebreaks]{centered frame} %<- 'c' forces to forget default
\framebreak %<- with '\newpage' first frame is top aligned
\begin{frame}[allowframebreaks]{top aligned frame}

enter image description here

You used \newpage to break the frame but beamer says:

You can insert \break, \nobreak, and \penalty commands to control where breaks should occur. The commands \pagebreak and \nopagebreak also work, including their options. [...] The command \framebreak is a shorthand for \pagebreak and \noframebreak is a shorthand for \nopagebreak.

If you uses \newpage first slide is top aligned, so use \break or \framebreak.

Just a last comment from beamer manual talking about allowframebreaks option:

The use of this option is evil. In a (good) presentation you prepare each slide carefully and think twice before putting something on a certain slide rather than on some different slide. Using the allowframebreaks option invites the creation of horrible, endless presentations that resemble more a “paper projected on the wall” than a presentation. Nevertheless, the option does have its uses. Most noticeably, it can be convenient for automatically splitting bibliographies or long equations.

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Thanks @Ignasi now I can make my slides. I really appreciate your help. – Herman Aug 22 '12 at 14:01

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