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I am using bearmer to write a poster. In the block environment, I have same labeled equations. The problem is the labels are too close to the block border. Is it possible to move the label a little inward?

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The beamer documentation (beameruserguide p. 124) suggests enclosing the body material of a block in a minipage. Making the width 0.8\linewidth will make this minipage narrower, preceeding it by \centering will center it. So the following works well in the situation of the first example in the beamerposter distribution:

       \item some items and $\alpha=\gamma, \sum_{i}$
       \item some items
       \item some items
       \item some items
       \begin{equation}\alpha=\gamma, \sum_{i}\end{equation}
Dear Andrew Swann, thank you very much for your advice! :-) –  Anand Aug 22 '12 at 10:22
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