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Japanese, please help:

I need to put the following into LaTeX and print it out with pdfLaTeX. The document itself is in English, so I only need a way to put these Kanji characters (Jin, aza, BUN, MOJI, or so, at least I was told so, I have no clue) into the text. Something like \jin, \aza ... would be great.

: (char "a")
-> 97
: (char "字")
-> 23383
: (char 23383)
-> "字"
: (chop "文字")
-> ("文" "字")
: (mapcar char @)
-> (25991 23383)
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You can use the CJKutf8 package (I wasn't sure about then intended formatting for the other characters, so I left them as they were):




\noindent: (char ``a'') \\
-> 97 \\
: (char ``字'') \\
-> 23383 \\
: (char 23383) \\
-> ``字'' \\
: (chop ``文字'') \\
-> (``文'' ``字'') \\
: (mapcar char @) \\
-> (25991 23383)


enter image description here

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Thank you, very nice solution, I'm sure it works, but I get other error messages for the document when I try it. So I resorted to an easier solution - include this as a graphic ;) – user17106 Aug 23 '12 at 12:16

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