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When I try to insert a tabular in my CV using modernCV document like this

 \hline aa & bb & cc \\
 \hline dd & ee & ff \\

I don't get any border. It appears that it's not possible to make a tabular in a moderncv. How can I solve this?

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In order for rules in tabular to appear, each document class has to define a positive value for \arrayrulewidth and moderncv either doesn't assign a value or it sets it to 0pt; something similar happens to \tabcolsep; simply assign the standard values for those lengths:





 \hline aa & bb & cc \\
 \hline dd & ee & ff \\


enter image description here

In fact, there was an attempt to set these lengths (and some others) in moderncv.cls, but the author decided they were not required; one can see

% not required

in moderncv.cls.

As a personal suggestion, consider removing vertical rules from your tables and using the booktabs package.

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