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Possible Duplicate:
Change \textwidth and \textheight in mid-document
Change page layout after first page

I need to make the margins on the first page of my article larger than those on the rest of the pages. I use \thispagestyle{empty} for the first page and \pagestyle{fancy} for all the other pages. So, since the first page uses a separate page style, I thought of a way to change this particular page style or maybe redefine it in such a way that it would have different margin sizes.

Is there a (simple, if it is possible) way to achieve this?

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The page style is not the page layout. The style refers to the content of header and footer. If and how you can change the layout of your first page easily depends on the content. Is it a title page? Do you know where the page break will be? – Ulrike Fischer Aug 23 '12 at 18:24
No, this page is not a separate titlepage. And in general case, I don't know where the page ends. That's the problem. Because otherwise, I would use the \newgeometry command. – v_2e Aug 23 '12 at 18:32