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For mathematical documents i like using the fourier package with the upright option, however the symbols \mathcal produces are quite too quirky in my opinion, so I replaced them with the default font via \DeclareMathAlphabet{\mathcal}{OMS}{cmsy}{m}{n} - however these symbols have a different font size than the fourier fonts.

Here is an example which shows that the caligraphic X is too big:

different font sizes

How can I reduce the size of \mathcal symbols?

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You can load the cmsy font scaled at .942 (computed by comparing the heights):

\DeclareFontFamily{OMS}{fcmsy}{\skewchar\font48 }
         <-5.5> [.942] cmsy5     <5.5-6.5> [.942] cmsy6
      <6.5-7.5> [.942] cmsy7     <7.5-8.5> [.942] cmsy8
      <8.5-9.5> [.942] cmsy9     <9.5->  [.942] cmsy10
       <-6> [.942] cmbsy5
      <6-8> [.942] cmbsy7
      <8->  [.942] cmbsy10

enter image description here

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+1. Just perfect! – Christian Ivicevic Aug 25 '12 at 17:40

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