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I'm trying to modify the defaut figure style with the memoir class.

More precisely, I would like to have the Figure X.Y part in bold.

To get X.Y in bold isn't a problem, as the \captionnamefont{\bfseries} does the job.

But what about "Figure" ?

Note that adding the caption package conflicts with memoir, for those not knowing...

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\captionnamefont{\bfseries} works for me. Could you please add an MWE that illustrates your troubles? – clemens Aug 25 '12 at 21:14
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Just \captionnamefont{\bfseries} must work. May you are using the subfig package?. In any case, try with this MWE:


  % "This may cause unexpected or inconsistent results 
  % if you use any of memoir's captioning
  % facilities" (but work in other case?)

  % Still not working captioning facilities?. 
  % Conflits with another packages?  

  %Starting from scratch


  \caption{The caption}
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