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When processing a LaTeX source with tex4ht, I can't seem to reliably convert subscripts in text mode to <sub> tags in the HTML output. My only solution so far is to switch to math mode. But for some reason, if I define the same math code as a macro with \newcommand (to avoid typos when typing long math expressions), the <sub> tags are gone again!

Example source:


... which I process using:

htlatex example.tex 'html, charset=utf-8' ' -cunihtf -utf8'

Is there an easy way to make tex4ht honor \textsubscript or $_{}$ commands in \newcommand macros?

Thanks for any suggestion,


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Thanks michal.h21, that did most of the trick. \newcommand{\foo}{$foo_{bar}$} still fails silently, but \newcommand{\foo}{foo\textsubscript{bar}} fulfills my needs. – Mathieu Aug 27 '12 at 9:24
Also, I don't know if there is something I should do to tag the question as solved (upvoting requires more reputation than I have)... – Mathieu Aug 27 '12 at 9:29
yeah, version with math environment seems little bit hackish to me, in text is \textsubscipt much better – michal.h21 Aug 27 '12 at 10:29
accepting suffices, but you can try also upvoting, I think you have enough reputation – michal.h21 Aug 27 '12 at 10:30
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It seems there is no configuration for subscript package, so you must create one. Configurations for packages are stored in files with extension .4ht, so for subscript create subscript.4ht:


This file will be automatically loaded by tex4ht when you call \usepackage{subscript}

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