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I've had a good search of internet and unable to find answer. I have Ubuntu 12.04 with all updates, and using LyX for work/study. I need to use mla style for some papers. There is no biblatex-mla style folder installed even though what I've found suggests that mla is part of the TeXLive install. I've downloaded the package and installed in /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/biblatex-mla. In preample, I have:


When I try to view pdf output get:


The bibliography style 'mla' could not be found.

I would appreciate any help please.

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You should not normally install into /usr/share/texmf, as this is the 'managed' part of the TeX system. Instead, you should normally put any 'personal' additions inside ~/texmf, in the correct subdirectories. Anything added to ~/texmf should then be picked up: if you do add to /usr/share/texmf, you will need to run texhash (I think with sudo) as the main installation tree is not searched directly but has a hashed database of files.

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