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Possible Duplicate:
Use “default” figure if file is missing?

I use LaTeX to take notes during my math classes. When the professor draws an image, I jot it down quickly in a notebook and include it later.

Currently I add a \includegraphics{file} line and then comment it out. This way the code compiles, but I still remember where the image goes. Sometimes, however, I forget to comment the line out.

What I would prefer is a command that looks for a file, displays it if found, and if not displays a message instead ("Placeholder for file"), rather than halting compilation.

Is there any way to do this?

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You could use the [demo] option to the graphicx package. – Peter Grill Aug 29 '12 at 3:25
@PeterGrill sounds like the answer to me :) – cmhughes Aug 29 '12 at 3:27
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You could use the [demo] option to the graphicx package which will allow you to use the \includegraphics{} command with files that do not yet exist -- this will save you form having to coment them out. Then once you have the graphic files you could simply remove the [demo] option.

Another option would be to use \IfFileExists to check that the file exists and use the \missingfigure from the todonotes package:

enter image description here

If you don't want to use an additional package you could just draw your own symbol to represent the missing figure.

Further Enhancements:

  • This does require that you specify the exact file name. This could be enhanced to duplicate the behavior of the \includegraphics package.



        \missingfigure[figwidth=7.0cm]{Missing #2}%

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