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In the MWE below:





ylabel={Time Elapsed (in hours)},
legend style={at={(0.5,-0.15)},
anchor=north,legend columns=-1},
bar width=7pt,
symbolic x coords={Category-1,Category-2},

        coordinates {(Category-1,0.27) (Category-2,14.96)};

        coordinates {(Category-1,0.37) (Category-2,13.25)};

        coordinates {(Category-1,2.76)  (Category-2,29.55)};

        coordinates {(Category-1,2.82) (Category-2,16.03)};

        \legend{Original, byHalf, Random, Hybrid}


How can I make the two parts (Category-1 and Category-2) come closer to each other ?

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Try enlarge x limits=1 – Jake Aug 29 '12 at 13:31
Works great @Jake thanks! if you can put this in an answer I will be happy to accept it ;) – Cemre Aug 29 '12 at 13:36
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You can increase the space on either side of the plot by setting enlarge x limits=<value>. Setting enlarge x limits=1 works quite well in this case.

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