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This question has developed from How to deal with very long lstinline-phrases like long class names?.

That question is about line breaking inside a \lstinline phrase. I have provided an answer which automatically hyphenates on capital letters, and then, in a comment, I realized it could sometimes be useful to have automatic hyphenation on underscores _ as well.

I managed to implement this, but one glitch remains: I would like to prevent automatic _-hyphenation at the start of the name (in Python, for example, this is common situation, as by convention, internal names start with an underscore (or two)).


\textbf{Good line break:} in this paragraph the line break in the
python's variable |a_python_style_name| is good!

\textbf{Bad line break:} the internal variable |_internal_python_name|
is not hyphenated very nicely in this paragraph.

A good and a bad line-break in <code>\listinline</code>

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