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certificate layout

How can I achive the above layout in latex? Place and Name should be on the same horizontal line, and so as Date and En.No.. Signature, Name and En.No should come on a same vertical line.

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Did you try to achieve it with the {tabular} environment? Which problems did you encounter? – Jukka Suomela Dec 12 '10 at 12:51
Are »Name« and »Date« given from the commands for the \maketitle command? – Thorsten Donig Dec 12 '10 at 12:54
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Here's a simple way to do this without using the tabular environment.

        \hbox{\textbf{Signature of the Scholar}}\\
        \hbox to.5\linewidth{\textbf{Place:} #1\hfil}%
        \hbox{\textbf{Name: #2}}\\
        \hbox to.5\linewidth{\textbf{Date:} #3\hfil}%
        \hbox{\textbf{En.\ No: #4}}%
\certificateending{Some Place}{John Doe}{11 December 2010}{56784332}

However, I don't think I'd make "John Doe" and "56784332" bold.

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Thank you very much. – nixnotwin Dec 12 '10 at 14:43

Just an addendum to the answers posted. Here is a small macro that provides a line for a signature which comes handy in similar applications.


    \hbox to \hsize{\strut\hfil #1 \hfil}
    \hbox to \hsize{\strut\hfil #2 \hfil}}}


\sig{John Doe}{En. No: 56784332}


signature line

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