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Is it possible to write a word in uppercase in the glossaries but in lowercase in the text? I could use \glslink instead of \gls, but is there no better solution?

Here is an example to clarify what I want:



\newglossaryentry{lowercase}{name={lowercase}, description={In the glossary, this word should be capitalized}}
\newglossaryentry{uppercase}{name={Uppercase}, description={This word is capitalized}}


Should both be lowercase: \gls{lowercase}, \gls{uppercase}.

Workaround: \gls{lowercase}, \glslink{uppercase}{uppercase}.



This yields:

Should both be lowercase: lowercase, Uppercase.
Workaround: lowercase, uppercase. 

lowercase In the glossary, this word should be capitalized. 1
Uppercase This word is capitalized. 1
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There is a simple solution. You can set the text that appears in the glossary and the text that appears in the... text separatly.

    description={Appears uppercase in the glossary and lowercase in the text}
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The most brilliantly simple solution among some really hacky ones elsewhere, ty sir/ma'm :) –  akaIDIOT Mar 8 '13 at 9:56

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