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Hello I have the following new command (a bit simplified for readability):


I'm expecting the following behavior:

$\xz$ outputs as $x_0$
$\xz{1}$ outputs as $x_1$

Though, the compiled result returns:

$\xz$ outputs as $x_0$ (ok!)
$\xz{1}$ outputs as $x_01$ (??)

What I'm missing there?

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You declared an optional argument, so you need to use \xz[1]:






enter image description here

\xz{1} will be understood as \xz without the optional argument and then {1}.

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I would accept immediately, but I can accept the answer in 10 minutes. It's obviously true. And I have to sleep!! Thanks :) –  Emiliano Poggi Sep 1 '12 at 22:06

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