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Possible Duplicate:
Force floats to be typeset after their occurrence in the source text?

I've already found houndreds of useful answers. But I can't find anything about this one. Is there an option/workaround to force latex to move a float only backwards, not "front-wards".





\textbf{Now I am refering} to a float~\ref{float}. Doesn't matter if it's a table or figure; and then I continue the text.
    one \\ two \\ three\\ table shouldn't be too small \\ four \\ two \\ eight \\ real eight \\ \hline
\caption{this is one example}



I know I could use the b and h-placing options. But when my reference is on the end of a page, it's great that latex puts the float in the top-position of the next page. I actually don't care if it places it hbt or p. but I don't want it to "appear too early".

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Use the flafter package. See also http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=floats

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try \begin{table}[!htb] The ! allows TeX to ignore float parameters

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