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I've already written more than the half of certain text using classicthesis.sty. I love the font I'm working with (whatever its name: Palatino?) but I just realized that I have to use $\Upsilon$ and, it is displayed as a letter rather closer to a ordinary $Y$--which is not incorrect, but I don't like. I want to change this $\Upsilon$ to other font, say, the ordinary one.

A solution I found is using,


as suggested in "two fonts in math mode", but the capital upsilon is still not the font I want. How can I change the pazzoletters into the usual font?

I guess there is a way to call another font, without having to install lot of .sty-files, as required by some nice anwers (I don't think I need to use powerful packages) How could I do that?

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The \Upsilon symbol in mathpazo is exactly the same as an Y. You can borrow the one in the Computer Modern family:



enter image description here

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