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For some reason having 4 authors in this ACM SIGCHI template renders it outside the right margin. See more details and image here.

I suspect the problem is with .cls but I have no idea where to start. Here are the relevant lines in the .tex source:

  \alignauthor Aaaaa Aaaaaaa\\
  \alignauthor Bbbbbbb Bbbbbb\\
  \alignauthor Cccccc Cccccc\\
  \alignauthor Ddddddd Dddddddd\\

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The link to the cls file in your link is broken. – Willie Wong Dec 13 '10 at 1:44
fixed. sorry about that. – amh Dec 13 '10 at 5:33
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If the template is the same as what you can get from http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates then have a look at question 18 in their FAQ (scroll, don't click).

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Thanks! This is exactly what I wanted. I should have Googled more. – amh Dec 14 '10 at 5:55

The class seems explicitly set up for maximum 3 authors. For more than 3 it seems to want you to do something like:

  \alignauthor Author 1\\
  \alignauthor Author 2\\
  \alignauthor Author 3\\
\additionalauthors{Author 4, Author 5}

Which puts an "additional authors" section at the end, before the references...

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Thanks Lev. I hadn't noticed that. Unfortunately, since most people use the MS Word template, putting additional authors at the end is very uncommon (couldn't find any example in the 2010 proceedings for example). – amh Dec 13 '10 at 7:25

This template on the ACM website says to use \and every three authors and to have a maximum of 2 rows. If you have more than 6 authors, then use \additionalauthors. For example:

       \alignauthor{First Author\titlenote{Additional Notes about the author},\\
              \affaddr{Institute for Clarity in Documentation}\\
              \affaddr{1932 Wallamaloo Lane}\\
              \affaddr{Wallamaloo, New Zealand}\\
       Second Author, \\
              \affaddr{Institute for Clarity in Documentation}\\
              \affaddr{P.O. Box 1212}\\
              \affaddr{Dublin, Ohio 43017-6221}\\
       % 3rd. author
       \alignauthor Third Author\\
              \affaddr{The Th{\o}rv{\"a}ld Group}\\
              \affaddr{1 Th{\o}rv{\"a}ld Circle}\\
              \affaddr{Hekla, Iceland}\\
       \alignauthor Fourth Author\\
              \affaddr{Brookhaven Laboratories}\\
              \affaddr{Brookhaven National Lab}\\
              \affaddr{P.O. Box 5000}\\
       \alignauthor Fifth Author\\
              \affaddr{NASA Ames Research Center}\\
              \affaddr{Moffett Field}\\
              \affaddr{California 94035}\\
       \alignauthor Sixth Author\\
              \affaddr{Palmer Research Laboratories}\\
              \affaddr{8600 Datapoint Drive}\\
              \affaddr{San Antonio, Texas 78229}\\
\additionalauthors{Additional authors: Seventh Author (The Th{\o}rv{\"a}ld Group,
email: {\texttt{jsmith@affiliation.org}}), and Eighth Author
(The Kumquat Consortium, email: {\texttt{jpkumquat@consortium.net}}).}

And this is how the template looks compiled.

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