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Is it possible to customise memoir's index so that it has more than two columns? My index entries are single Chinese characters, so even \twocolindex results in way too much whitespace.

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Use the idxlayout package. It allows for indexes with more than two columns and is responsive to the index-related options and commands of the memoir class.

Disclosure: I'm the package author.


% \usepackage{makeidx}% Emulated by memoir




Some text.\index{Alpha}\index{Bravo}\index{Charlie}\index{Delta}\index{Echo}\index{Foxtrott}


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Thank you very much for the package! Works a charm. – LianTze Lim Dec 13 '10 at 13:36

Sorry for ressurrecting an old thread, but I'd like to provide another suggestion for completeness' sake. :)

The most recent version of the imakeidx package is memoir-compliant. We can easily use it to customize our index, including the number of columns. :)





Some text.\index{Apple}\index{Apricot}\index{Avocado}\index{Banana}
\index{Jackfruit}\index{Jambul}\index{Kiwi fruit}\index{Kumquat}
\index{Pomegranate}\index{Purple Mangosteen}\index{Raisin}\index{Raspberry}
\index{Rambutan}\index{Redcurrant}\index{Salal berry}\index{Satsuma}
\index{Star fruit}\index{Strawberry}\index{Tangerine}\index{Tomato}
\index{Ugli fruit}\index{Watermelon}\index{Ziziphus mauritiana}



The output:


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