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I am getting error"! LaTeX Error: Undefined tab position." for the following snippet of latex code.

\> \>$n$ = Some data\\
\> \>$B$ = Another Statement\\
\> \>$N$ = Yet another statement\\

I looked at the related post: Tabbing environment: How to line break?, but I cannot figure out the reason for error. Can someone suggest how to fix this error?

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You need to set tab positions first (either in your first line or in a \killed line):

First line:

\= \= $n$ = Some data\\
\> \> $B$ = Another Statement\\
\> \> $N$ = Yet another statement

\killed line:

\hspace{2em} \= \hspace{3em} \= $N$ = Yet another statement \= \kill
\> \> $n$ = Some data \> (1) \\
\> \> $B$ = Another Statement \> (2) \\
\> \> $N$ = Yet another statement \> (3)
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