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I really want to use urw-garamond with the mathdesign package, but for some reason pdflatex is throwing errors anytime I try and use it. I've installed the mathdesign package with the TeX Live Utility and I'm using pdflatex with BasicTeX.

Here's what I'm trying to do.

Any ideas on what's going wrong?


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Do you know if you actually have the URW Garamond font files installed? Those fonts do not use a completely free/open source license, and so are often not distributed with TeXlive or installable through its package manager (even if the mathdesign.sty file is).

On linux you can install them using the getnonfreefonts script -- I suspect that might work for BasicTeX too (on a mac?), but I don't have first hand experience of that.

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Obviously the file texnansi.enc is missing. There exists certainly a texlive package which contains this file. A google search suggests "ly1" and "texlive-fonts-extra".

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(Originally a comment by an anonymous user) The ly1 package from texlive solved it for me!! – lockstep Oct 15 '11 at 16:15

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