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I'd like to apply the following shading effect

enter image description here

proposed in " Fake sheet effect " as a background for a mdframed environment. How can this be achieved?

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Is the gray filled rectangle the text area or where should be the text? – Marco Daniel Sep 8 '12 at 10:54
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Here is a suggestion whereby I only modified the first frame:

enter image description here



  \fill[gray!60,rounded corners,] 
  ($(P)+(0,-2.05)$) .. controls  ($(P)+(0.14,-0.55)$) ..  ($(P)+(0.16,-0.45)$) --  ($(P)+(-0.2,-0.4)$) -- cycle;
   \draw[gray!15,line width=0.20cm]  ($(P)+(-.1,-2.15)$)  --  ($(P)+(-.1,-.4)$) ;
\path let \p1=(P), \p2=(O) in ({(\x1-\x2)/2},\y2) coordinate (M);
\shade[left color=gray!50,right color=gray!50,middle color=black!55,rounded corners] 
  ($(M)+(-5.4,-0.135)$) .. controls ($(M)+(0,-0.015)$) .. ($(M)+(5.4,-0.135)$) -- ($(M)+(5.4,0.135)$) .. controls ($(M)+(0,0.135)$) .. ($(M)+(-5.4,0.135)$)-- cycle;
   \draw[gray!15,line width=0.20cm]  ($(M)+(-5.4,0.10)$)  --  ($(M)+(5.4,0.1)$) ;





Extra material can be added by the options singleextra firstextra etc. See forexample here:

mdframed-Put something on the start of one vertical left rule

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