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When i try to PDFView Command in Winshell I'm getting the below error. I'm using Winshell

enter image description here

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Obvious question, I know, but do you have Acrobat installed (or some other PDF viewer)? What do you see in Execute -> Program Calls for 'PDFView'? – Joseph Wright Sep 18 '12 at 7:16

This fixed the problem for me.

Long story short: it seems that AcrobatReader is sometimes very unhappy with relative paths to a file so you have to spoonfeed him the absolute path. This can be done by using the following script instead of the plain Reader executable:

@start "" "C:\path\to\where\you\have\AcroRd32.exe" "%~f1"

What disturbs me a bit is that the post that solves the problem is from 2008 but the problem occurred after a very recent update.

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I figured out the problem. If the Acrobat Reader is not open and if I try to give PDFView command it prompts the above error.

However When I kept open the Acrobat Reader and give the PDFView command it works.

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