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When I try to use the general format for labels (cf. xyguide, §2.2) together with beamer overlays, the part that should show up later isn't formatted properly. I guess, beamer doesn't convert the * properly. What can I do? See the code below.




*++[o][F]{C} \only<+->{\ar@/^/[r]^{\alpha\rho}} & 
\uncover<.->{*++[o][F]{Z}} \only<.->{\ar@/^/[l]^{100\%}}

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It's caused by the \uncover and grouping of the following expression. Without it, it works - so perhaps omit uncovering piecewise, or make it differently. The syntax works:

    *++[o][F]{C} \only<+->{\ar@/^/[r]^{\alpha\rho}} & 
    *++[o][F]{Z} \only<.->{\ar@/^/[l]^{100\%}}

I would use TikZ overlays instead. I guess, when the good old xypic package has been developed, beamer overlays didn't exist yet. If you would like to test it with TikZ, just extend your question to be open for a TikZ way, and we'll try.

xy diagram in beamer

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Let's test that. Nevertheless, I have not used TikZ before. So maybe you have to explain it a bit. Does the whole thing have to be changes or can it stay basically as it is? – KarlKlammer Sep 10 '12 at 23:49
Just one extra question: This means there is no "easy" way to somehow "mask" the "*" or something? – KarlKlammer Sep 10 '12 at 23:51

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