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When I am using different \pagenumberings in a document, the PDF viewer shows the right page numbers, that is pages i, ii, etc... for \pagenumbering{roman} and 1, 2, etc... for \pagenumbering{arabic} for instance.

I wonder if it is possible to make the PDF viewer print anything as a page number. Since using LaTeX, the only possible options for page numbering are arabic, roman, Roman, alpha and Alpha, my goal is to make the PDF viewer print something else than what LaTeX would print by using the command \thepage. To be more specific, I'd like my title page to be "numbered" by the label "Title" in the PDF viewer for instance.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I am aware my question is not very well formulated but I have troubles to exactly explain what I wish, I still hope you'll understand!

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If I compile the following document, the adobe reader shows "Title (1 of 2)" as page number of the first page and " 2 (2 of 2)" of the second. But it also depends on the settings in the reader: you must activate "show logical page numbers".


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It works perfectly, thanks! – Bruno Sep 10 '12 at 11:23

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