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I am compiling a multilingual book (Arabic+English), ~1400 pages, using the memoir class, and have been trying to frame each page with a simple black border using the following:

    \usepackage{lipsum}% just to generate some text

    \draw (0.55\textwidth,10) -- (0.55\textwidth,0.52\textheight) -- (0.4\textwidth,0.52\textheight);
    \draw (-0.55\textwidth,10) -- (-0.55\textwidth,0.52\textheight) -- (-0.4\textwidth,0.52\textheight);
    \draw (-0.55\textwidth,-10) -- (-0.55\textwidth,-0.52\textheight) -- (-0.4\textwidth,-0.52\textheight);
    \draw (0.55\textwidth,-10) -- (0.55\textwidth,-0.52\textheight) -- (0.4\textwidth,-0.52\textheight);


The border seems Ok, but I get random empty pages with missing content. I have no idea what is causing this behaviour - I've tried scrpage2 as well, but to the same effect.

Any help will be much appreciated - many thanks for reading.

p.s. I am using TeXLive 2010.

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The best way to figure out 'what is causing this behaviour' is to construct and post a complete minimal example that demonstrates the problem. That way, either you will figure it out yourself, or someone else will try to come up with a solution. – jon Sep 12 '12 at 4:49