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If you have something like:

H+= text("$\cos(x)$", (1, 1), fontsize=16, color='black')
\[ \sageplot{G+H}\] 

into a tex file, how can you place it on the left or on the right, and make it smaller, or even show it vertically? Note: the whole thing is showing correctly, but just too big in the middle of the page. I need general advise in how to deal with sagemath plots like this (using Kile).

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You can center the plot with \begin{center} ... \end{center} and control the size with the scale option to \sageplot as this working example shows:

H= text("$\cos(x)$", (1, 1), fontsize=16, color='black')
\begin{center} \sageplot[scale=.5]{G+H} \end{center}

Centered graphics at 0.5 scale.

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