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I'm trying to use the titlesec package, but somehow section names in the \tableofcontents become overlapped with the TOC numbers and subsection names become improperly indented. Here's an example, where I use the standard classes seen here (3.2, p.27) as an example.




\section{Section Title}
\subsection{Subsection Title}



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Sorry, but titlesec is not compatible with the AMS classes. Just use the article class. – egreg Sep 10 '12 at 20:58
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As egreg mentions in his comment (and as you've already experienced), titlesec and amsart are not compatible; you have two options:

  1. Switch to the standard article class.

  2. Change \section, \subsection and \@secnumfont as implemented in amsart.cls to get the desired layout.

Here's an example of the redefinitions for the second option:




\section{Section Title}
\subsection{Subsection Title}


enter image description here

Probably you will also want to redefine \specialsection, whose definition is

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I added an extra question, but nevermind. I might as well work with the article class and alter its default fonts/headings to emulate amsart's, which is probably easier than dealing with very nitpicky things regarding headers, TOCs, and section headings in amsart. Thanks a bunch! – Dustin Tran Sep 11 '12 at 11:38

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