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So i am a noob at any kind of TeX. I quickly wanted to get up and running and downloaded protex.exe. I installed TeXStudio first, then MiKTeX, which is obviously wrong.

The problem is that when you uninstall TeXStudio and reinstall it, it still doesn't recognise MiKTeX.

I have tried to save a few pdf files with TeXStudio (just typing gibberish and saving it), but when I open them in adobe reader they are just corrupt. It does not give me an error however.

I have also opened some sample .tex files and tried to save them as pdf, to see if the program is working, and it also won't open the files in adobe reader.

How can I get TeXStudio to work, or am I missing something entirely?

(Windows 7 64 bit)

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You don't get a pdf by saving something as pdf. You will have to compile the tex file. – Ulrike Fischer Sep 11 '12 at 9:02

The ProTeXt install manual says to uninstall, the re-install.

It worked for me.

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TeXstudio stores its settings in texstudio.ini which is located in %APPDATA%\texstudio\. If you delete the .ini while TeXstudio is closed, it will restart with default settings.

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It has an easy solution without reinstalling TeXstudio

  1. Close TeXStudio.
  2. In Windows Explorer navigate to: %APPDATA%\texstudio\\ (Alternatively you can navigate to C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_ACCOUNT_NAME\AppData\Roaming\texstudio\\).

  3. Delete texstudio.ini file.

  4. Restart TeXStudio.

It works for me :)

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Should clarify: AppData is a hidden folder for most people, so they may not be able to see it without changing the system settings to show hidden folders. – Matthew Jan 14 at 13:02

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