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I am trying to produce some text after the "References" heading, but before the numbered references themselves. I had read that using the natbib package and the command \bibpreamble{...insert preamble here...} should do just that, however, I cannot get this to work.

My (abridged) code is as follows:

\bibpreamble{\ \\
For an in-depth discussion on... see
\cite{Baikie1988}, and for ... see
\cite{Cardona1978, Ley1979}.}

This produces the References heading, the numbered references then this block of text at the end. Placing it before the \bibliographystyle{} command makes this block of text appear before the References heading. It is as if the command \bibpreamble{} is not being recognised by LaTeX.

I have also tried using \newcommand{\bibpreamble}{...text...} and \renewcommand{\bibpreamble}{...text...} but neither of these change the output. Does anybody have any experience with this kind of problem? I am trying not to introduce too many changes to the structure of my document in order to make this work, so the least "invasive" solution would be preferred.

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You have to use

\renewcommand{\bibpreamble}{<text of the preamble>}

The content of \bibpreamble is printed by the command producing the bibliography, thus it should be defined before issuing the command for the bibliography.

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Excellent! That has fixed my problem. Thank you very much! – user1662466 Sep 11 '12 at 13:15

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