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I would like to write a document with the list of all scientific publications : articles / book / oral communications ...

I store all my bibliography with bibtex, thus there is no problem for articles or books. But is there a way to manage oral communications or seminar ?

If so, it will be easy to output all my communications (articles, oral, poster ...) using a combination of bibtex/natbib/bibtopic.

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What about @inProceedins? – Guido Sep 12 '12 at 10:34
Which bibliography style do you use? If no other entry type fits your needs, you could always use the @misc type and use its howpublished field to provide information such as Private communication, seminar, or whatever else may be appropriate for some item you wish to reference. – Mico Sep 12 '12 at 11:08
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You can use the @InProceedings entry type:

  author =   {},
  title =    {},
  OPTcrossref =  {},
  OPTkey =   {},
  OPTbooktitle = {},
  OPTpages =     {},
  OPTyear =      {},
  OPTeditor =    {},
  OPTvolume =    {},
  OPTnumber =    {},
  OPTseries =    {},
  OPTaddress =   {},
  OPTmonth =     {},
  OPTorganization = {},
  OPTpublisher = {},
  OPTnote =      {},
  OPTannote =    {}

OPT.... fields are optional. You can use note or annote to store the kind of contribution (poster, oral, ...). Remember to remove the OPT to use it.

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This is a good solution. I use booktitle for the name of the conference and also year. – Ger Sep 12 '12 at 13:34

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