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I left the world of postscript today, but now I wonder how to get a 2up pdf that still has the pdfbookmarks. I found pdfnup but this loses the pdfbookmarks. Is there a way to keep them? Previously I used dfips, 2up, ps2pdf.


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The Java project PAX might be helpful. It works for hyperlinks, which are PDF annotations and stripped during PDF file manipulation. I don't know if it works for bookmarks too. But i guess the answering robot of Heiko Oberdiek will come up soon after sniffing the hyperref tag! ;-)

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Thanks for the hint! That works for the links (did not notice yet that they were broken too), but the bookmarks are gone. Let's wait for the robot. =;-) – Stefan Müller Sep 13 '12 at 4:14

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