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I need to put a \seeindex in my registry. Although I defined my document language to spanish, ConTeXt is still showing that word as "See" in the registry (in spanish it should be something like "Ver" or "Vea"):

test \index{aindex}test
test \seeindex{cindex}{aindex}text

I thought \mainlanguage[es] would translate those things too... How can I get rid of this? Thanks in advance!

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\setuplabeltext[es][see={ver }]

in your document preamble.

The reason you are seeing this behavior is that ConTeXt language codes are not complete. As you can see in lang-txt.lua few entries for Spanish are missing. So, if you are native/near native Spanish speaker, and know the right words for the missing entries, send the list to the ConTeXt mailing list and they will be added in a future release.

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Thank you so much, of course I will be sending my translations as soon as I can. – acidrums4 Sep 12 '12 at 21:38

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