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This problem is related to my previous problem about pdf trimming.

Here is the minimal code:

            \includepdf[pages=\i,trim=\mylength 4.325in 0.3in 0.9in,clip]{MVC}%
            \includepdf[pages=\i,trim=0.7in 0.4in  0.3in 4.825in,clip]{MVC}%
            \includepdf[pages=\i,trim=0.3in 4.325in 0.7in 0.9in,clip]{MVC}%
            \includepdf[pages=\i,trim=0.3in 0.4in  0.7in 4.825in,clip]{MVC}%

The pdf file to be trimmed is available here. I rename the pdf as MVC.pdf and save it in the same directory in which the tex input file above is saved.

I compiled and got blank pages.

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You can use

\includepdf[pages=\i,trim=\mylength{} 4.325in 0.3in 0.9in,clip]{MVC}%


\includepdf[pages=\i,trim={\mylength} 4.325in 0.3in 0.9in,clip]{MVC}%

What is important is that the space after \mylength is not eaten by TeX.

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