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I have a document that is creating the exact output I'm looking for, yet when I compile it I'm getting two errors. After tooling around for a little bit, I was able to pinpoint their location to the \multicolumn commands in my code:

\multicolumn{2}{|c|}{\large \rowcolor{black} \color{white} {\bf Testing Modifications (highlight or circle)}} \\ 
Time Limit Waved         & On-Task Focusing Prompts \\
Exam/Sep Location        & Waive Spelling Reqs \\
Questions Read Aloud     & Revise Test Format \\
Answers Any Way          & Revise Test Directions \\
Calc/Abacus Permitted    & Breaks \\
\multicolumn{2}{|l|}{\AddLabel Other:} \\
\end{tabular} \\[.4cm]

{\bf \underline{PRESENT LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE}} \\[.4cm]

\multicolumn{4}{|c|}{\large \rowcolor{black} \color{white} {\bf Evaluation Results}} \\ 
& & & \\[1.2cm]
\end{tabular} \\[.4cm]

The exact error I'm getting is:

! Misplaced \noalign.
\rowcolor ->\noalign 

Since the output doesn't seem to be affected, it hasn't been bothering me all that much, but I definitely am curious as to why this error is here.

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You can only use \rowcolor at the start of a row, use \cellcolor or or \multicolumn{4}{|>{\columncolor{black}}c|} or (if you have the latest colortbl) put \rowcolor first before the \multicolumn

Unrelated but \bf has been deprecated in LaTeX since LaTeX2e was released, it is much better to use \bfseries

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Perfect! Thanks so much for your help! And I switched all the \bf portions of my code to \bfseries, and will use the latter from here on out! Thanks for taking the time to provide some guidance! – aklingensmith Sep 15 '12 at 6:27

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