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I recently installed texlive-science from the Ubuntu repos and received the following error when I compile:

! Package xkeyval Error: `load-configurations' undefined in families `key'.

LaTeX works fine when chemstyle is not used. Any thoughts?

Minimal example:

\caption {trial {\bf 1}.\label{s_scheme}}

Abbreviated output:

) (./chemscheme.sty (/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/oberdiek/kvoptions.sty
! Package xkeyval Error: `load-configurations' undefined in families `key'.
See the xkeyval package documentation for explanation.
Type H <return> for immediate help. 
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Is there anything you're doing besides \usepackage{chemstyle}? If yes, please show that. The best would be a minimal working example. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 16 '10 at 14:52
Thats the only mention of chemstyle in the preamble, here is the abbreviated output: ) (./chemscheme.sty (/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/oberdiek/kvoptions.sty (/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/generic/oberdiek/kvsetkeys.sty (/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/siunitx/config/si-abbr.cfg)) ! Package xkeyval Error: load-configurations' undefined in families key'. See the xkeyval package documentation for explanation. Type H <return> for immediate help. – plastictees Dec 16 '10 at 15:05
Here is my MWE: $\documentclass{article} $\usepackage{chemstyle} $\begin{document} $\begin{scheme}[H] $ \begin{center} $ \includegraphics[width=4in]{anyfile.eps} $ \end{center} $ \caption {trial {\bf 1}. $ \label{s_scheme}} $\end{scheme} \end{document} – plastictees Dec 16 '10 at 15:12
@plastictees: you may edit your question at any time in order to include code and additional information. I did it for you now. – Stefan Kottwitz Dec 16 '10 at 15:41
Could you add \listfiles to your input and report the result? I suspect you have a version mis-match somewhere between chemstyle and siunitx. – Joseph Wright Dec 16 '10 at 16:45

In the minimal example, the graphics package is implicitly loaded. But the command


requires graphicx because of the key=value syntax in the optional argument. That's why the compilation must fail.

It's probably good to update to the most recent versions of chemstyle and siunitx. Ubuntu packages might be not up-to-date.

You may have a look at How can I manually install a package. Though the question was MiKTeX related, the answer contains general useful information and links to further resources.

Or filter our site by the tags installing+packages.

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