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I would like that the part {0 \neq w \in \mathcal{H}_{k-t}} appear strictly below sup in the following

\[ \mathrm{ sup }_{0 \neq w \in \mathcal{H}_{k-t}} \]


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The LaTeX kernel predefines a \sup command that does what you want:

\sup_{0 \neq w \in \mathcal{H}_{k-t}}

The predefined math operators with the same property are

\max \min \sup \min \det \Pr \gcd

as well as all those in the "lim" family

\lim \limsup \liminf

Notice that the subscript will be placed below the operator name only in display math, for good typographical reasons.

With the help of the amsmath package (only amsopn would really be needed) it's easy to define new ones:


will make \blurb behave like \sup.

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