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I'm making a data table and need to include my error bars with my data. $\pm$ works great if the upper and lower bounds are the same, however, several of my data points has a different upper limit than lower. In papers I've read, I've seen plenty of uncertainties expressed as plus x minus y stacked on top of one another with the $\pm$ sign. Could someone tell me how to typeset such a thing?

I'm using a journal-specific document type (aastex) and the deluxetable coding.

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Do you mean something like

 $1.23\substack{+0.4 \\ -0.5}$\,pb

(I've been asked about this for siunitx, but have never really worked out what it actually means or a good interface for an 'automated' approach.)

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How about the following interface? \num[statistical={+0.2,-0.3}, systematic=0.1] 1.24, with appropriate options to control the output. – Aditya Sep 18 '12 at 17:01

How about just using subscripts and superscripts?

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